The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

30 November, 2011



Praise God, several local believers recently came together for fellowship. However most local believers in our country remain scattered or "hidden". Please pray that they will become more united and continue to grow in number, to the point that they will be a strong force affecting the culture for God's glory.


As you travel around the Arabian Peninsula there are small towns and villages. How will these more isolated places hear the Good News of the Lord Jesus? These smaller cities need to be part of our on going prayer focus. As we view and pray for the Small Cities in Oman, may our prayers go out for the whole AP.


Reporters tell stories of court cases in Bahrain, as people tell of injustices of the past months. Pray for the lawyers, the judges and those in authority, that God will give them insight and wisdom, making decisions which are fair and just.

What can we do to work together as the worldwide church in order to see God's Kingdom growing in this country? Is it by encouraging people to pray and come? Is it by training the international church present in this country? Or rather by studying how God is working among other Arab nations and adopt God given strategies? Pray that God will direct us as we discuss these issues, for His Glory.

After 33 years of power, the president of Yemen has stepped down. Ask that this event will begin the peace process in that country and that the military factions will agree work together for unity. Ask for peace in this land.

God brought a student, "Ahmed", into the lives of a number of Christian workers. He had opportunities to listen to Truth, read through God's Word and enjoy community among us. There is a chance he will move in a couple of months. Pray that God will guide us in our efforts to present Christ in clear and attractive ways to "Ahmed".

Men who were wounded in the strife of past days, have gone to other countries for medical care. Ask that these patients will be treated by people who love the Savior and will hear the Good News. Ask that God will heal these men.


Recently someone told a group of people about a young man who went to his father and said, " I want my inheritance" and he left the family. The young man squandered all he had and returned home, destitute and repentant. The father welcomed him home with open arms. It is a familiar story, called the Prodigal Son, by those who know our Book. As the group of people heard this story for the first time, they eagerly encouraged the storyteller to keep talking. Pray for this group of people, that they would accept the Gift that the Author of this story offers.