The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

30 May, 2012

Unity and Grace


• In an age of growing secularism, many believers no longer expect God to break forth into people's lives and perform miracles. This region needs God's manifest intervention to bring about change; and we need to specifically ask God for this. Many locals are hurting from physical, emotional and financial trials. May we be the vessels that God will use to bring a 'miracle of transformation' to those around us.

• Many new university projects are being launched around the country. Pray this would create many new opportunities for believers and non-believers to interact, and also challenge people to question and search for truth as they pursue higher education.

• On Monday, while soldiers were preparing for a parade, a suicide bomber killed himself and many others. Hundreds were also wounded. Ask that God will bring healing to those who are recovering from this atrocity and comfort to the families who lost loved ones.

• Unity among Believers is a powerful witness to those who watch them. Pray that those who love Jesus in the AP will have unity and grace in interpersonal relationships.

• Pray for local students from this country going abroad to study, that God will guide them to the right university and that they will meet committed Christians who are willing to befriend and share Jesus with them.


Like young ladies and women around the world, the women of the Arabian Peninsula love to look good and dress in high fashion. From the outside it looks like they are all dressed in black, but there is a growing desire to look good and be thin. Please view Eating Disorders in the Arabian Peninsula, and pray for these women.