The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

2 January, 2010

I love the book!


Praise Him for the many opportunities Christmas provided believers to share about the true reason for the season.


"Rashid" was in a serious car accident. As a passenger in the backseat of the car, he was thrown from the car when they were struck by another vehicle cutting through traffic at a high speed. He has had several surgeries on his neck where the vertebrae have been damaged. Each time I visit him and ask what I can do for him, he always asks me to pray. He has heard the Gospel many times and is spiritually open, but I do not believe he has truly met Jesus. Please pray for him to truly discover Immanuel, God with us!

Pray for more workers to come to this country. Pray that God would open doors for professionals of all kinds to enter, find work and visas and begin a life of witness in Christ's name.

Our friend, "Scholar," is a part of an Islamic Art Society. Artists from the society were painting pictures with a theme of "Christmas". It was amazing how many of these Muslim artists painted crosses in their "Christmas" themed artwork. The cross is an offense to most Muslims, yet this public art demonstration and exhibition had many paintings showing Jesus, Mary and the cross. Pray that through this art display locals may ask questions regarding Christmas & our faith.

The first 10 days of the Islamic calendar are days that the Shia Muslims mourn the death of the family of Ali about 1400 years ago. Many express loudly that they would be willing to give their lives for these leaders, if that was possible. Pray that God will use these days and the ones following to draw the attention to Jesus who gave his life so that we may live.

A refugee lady, N, from a 100% Islamic country in Africa, was introduced to some workers. She wanted to become a Christian. After watching the Jesus film in her language, she said that she had understood everything. Communication in Arabic is very difficult for her. One worker said a simple prayer and N agreed joyfully. Her next question was: "can I have a written certificate, that says that I am a Christian? Then I can go to Europe or America." This is so typical for many thousand refugee women here; she has no family, no husband, two little children, no help or hope for a better situation and is helpless in the face of abuse – and probably disappointed by Islam. Pray that this lady will understand what real Christianity is. Ask that her needs will be met.


A believing professor has an office on a busy hallway of the institution where he works. Mohammed, a student, came in last week to check on his grades. While he was talking to the professor, another Arab student previously unknown to the professor, "Yasser", walked in the door. He spotted on the professor's desk an Arabic Bible, which the professor is in the habit of reading daily. Yasser said, "Oh, a Kitab Al Sherif (an Arabic Bible translation)." "Yes," the professor replied.

"I like to read it in the morning, because I love the book, and at the same time, can develop my Arabic." Then Yasser reservedly showed the professor his arm bracelet, which had a small, wooden Cross on it. Surprised, the professor blurted out, "Oh, you're a believer!" Yasser seemed to nod very slightly, but quickly left the office. The professor looked out the door after Yasser, "Uh, ...are you with Mohammed?" "No," they both replied. The professor added a quick comment, "Well, come back and see me when you can."

So, there's the mystery. Pray that God will guide Yasser back to the professor. Pray for boldness, wisdom, and security, too.