The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

2 April, 2010

Wonderful opportunities.


Two tent-making couples have recently had their work disrupted by a sudden request to move by their landlords. Praise the Lord, they both found new housing very quickly this past week.


Sickle Cell Anaemia is an ugly disease that runs here in several tribes. The result of the disease can lead to handicaps, pain and early death (most patients treated in hospital are between 10 - 25 years old). Addiction to pain medication, limited chances for completing education due to frequent sickness, no job, and limited chance for marriage are some of the consequences of the disease. Pray that Jesus will be an attraction to those suffering of pain. Pray that their interest in a suffering prophet will lead them to saving faith.

In our Book we are instructed to pray for those in authority. Ask God to give wisdom to the leaders and rulers of the AP. Ask that they will seek to help their people, make good decisions and rule with integrity. Ask that they will seek the council of advisors who are honest and good.

In faith, ask God to network isolated secret believers together - to bring about situations where they hear about each other so that they might fellowship and encourage each other.

"Jane," a tentmaker, is finding that working out in a local gym gives her wonderful opportunities to meet national ladies of her country. Pray that the budding relationships will lead to telling of Christ, and to decisions made for His kingdom.

Pray for "Suzie" a professional local, working in education. She used to see a tent-making family in her neighbourhood often while she was a student at the university. But now that she is working, she rarely contacts the tentmakers and hardly ever visits in their home. Pray this family would look for new ways to interact with Suzie and her family, and that the tender shoots of the gospel would continue to grow into her family's compound.


In one of the malls here, a believer was sitting on a bench waiting for his wife to finish shopping. A local man came along, sat down beside him and said, "So, friend, tell me a story." What an opportunity!

A believing lady was checking out her groceries and the clerk undercharged her. She pointed out his mistake instead of keeping quiet and keeping the money. Seeing her honesty, the clerk asked her, "Miss, I am a Muslim but I want to become a Christian. Can you please tell me how?"

Another brother got into a taxi and the local man who was driving asked him, "Are you a Christian?" The driver wanted to know the way to Heaven, and they kept talking even after the brother's destination was reached!

Praise God for wonderful opportunities and open doors. Please pray for more of these!