The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

29 September, 2010

Lift the Veils


Praise that a couple of new families have joined those who are 'intentional' about coming here and living for Christ.  Thank God for providing jobs and visas for them to come and live here. To view a video about this click, More Workers Needed. More Workers Needed

These workers are coming from the East and the West, wanting to share His love to all peoples. Thank you for praying for new workers.


A reporter wrote an article in a local newspaper about the rise in suicides by young people in this country.  Reasons included suicide bombers who kill themselves for political or religious reasons, as well as teenagers attempting suicide because of family problems. Do pray for the young people who are contemplating killing themselves. Ask that they will realize that God created them, that He loves them and that He does not want them to kill. Ask that they will find the hope that He offers to all of us.

Pray for the families of several soldiers who were killed in an attack on them, in the capital city. Pray for the soldiers who were wounded in this attack. Ask that they heal quickly. Pray that the plans of those who seek to bring strife, will fail.

Pray for Hassan, who eagerly received a New Testament in Arabic, to read and believe.

35% of the population is <14years old! School was on hold for 3 months over the summer, and will start now again. Pray for the teachers, that they will teach these children to critically think, and have their own opinions and also see the value of opinions that others have.  Coming from patriarchal society in which traditions are the norm, the children need to be taught that one can question truth claims that their religion gives them.

Please continue to ask God to network people together who have believed in Christ, and also those who are seeking.  Pray for God-ordained meetings between people who can have fellowship together.


Abu R asked for a Bible a couple of months ago. He shared the other night that he had been so excited to have a copy as for many years he did not know where to get it from.  This was in a time that he prayed to God; Show me your true way!  But what happened then, I found to be most disappointing. While reading only the first pages of the Bible, Abu R. said he saw all kinds of mistakes and contradictions, so he decided that Christians do not have the truth and he rededicated his life to Islam.  Unless God lifts the veils from their eyes, Arab Muslims won't recognize the truth. Pray for Abu R,. that God will appear to him in a vision or in another way that will reveal Himself.