The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

29 June, 2011

A Shared Meal


Praise the Lord for interest shown in our barren land. Pray that "Sean's" desire to establish a company in our country will be fulfilled. It is hoped that it will become a platform through which other Christian workers may come.

We all know that technology is a great blessing and a way to move the Gospel forward into the whole Arabian Peninsula. Chat rooms, Bible downloads, TV and radio are all powerful tools to bring the true message of Jesus into these lands. Please watch and pray about Technology for the Arabian Peninsula.


As many Arabs from the Gulf travel to Europe or Jordan this summer, pray that they will meet people who follow the Savior. Pray that they will hear the Good News and carry it back to their families at home.

Continue to lift up the different populations of Bahrain. Ask that they will be able to work through their differences, those in power showing mercy and those down trodden learning forgiveness. This can only be done through the power of Christ. Pray that all will hear.

In the last 2 weeks, we heard of 2 serious female seekers in the Kingdom. They are corresponding through internet with believers. It might be good if they can meet face to face with someone. Pray that these seekers will find the Truth and that, if the Lord wills, they can meet with someone face to face.

Pray for an Arab couple who are going through training to share the Gospel more effectively. He wants to learn quickly because he has so many Muslim friends asking him about spiritual things & dropping hints that they want to know more about the Bible & its teachings. Also, his wife is eager to know how to walk with God & be led by His Spirit.

'Ahmed' called his foreign friend on the phone. He said that his family does not have cooking gas. They are low on food supplies and money is running out. 'Ahmed' knows that God loves him and can provide for him and his family. 'Ahmed' comes from a village in the country side. Ask that the people of this village will help one another, planting food that will sustain them in the future.


"Saeed" has lost both his parents and has a brother whom he dislikes. He has a part time job at a post office that does not give him enough revenue. He has very little money in his pocket left and is wondering how he can continue to purchase food. Meanwhile, a worker has prayed in his home, asking God who he should invite for a meal. Two minutes later they call each other. A meal is shared and needs are fulfilled!