The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

29 February, 2012

The Truth of God


On March 30 last year we asked prayer for a young lady who stopped her search for the Truth after reading the Quran. Recently, almost a year later, she confessed to believing that the Bible is true and that she finds God answering her prayers every day. Thank you for praying for her, and please pray for her growth as she is part of a very religious family and doesn't know any other believers from her country yet with whom to fellowship.


This week let us journey to the country of Oman and pray for this great land. May God lead us to pray His blessing forOman.


• Thank God that the elections on Tuesday were relatively calm in Yemen. The new president has been sworn in. Ask that God will give him wisdom and that he will be able to help the country return to stability. Ask for more freedom for the people.

• Pray for the few known local believers in our land. Pray they will grow in discipleship, love for Christ and willingness to share their faith. Pray for their physical and spiritual protection.

• Please pray for a local friend of "Matt". This local believer was injured soon after opening his home to the Christian brethren. He had surgery recently; pray for quick healing and revival of this new friendship.

• A measles outbreak has occurred in Yemen. Pray for those who are ill, that they will be healed. Pray that the vaccines will safely reach the families who need them. Pray that families will see the need to have their children vaccinated.

• Pray for our local educational system. Many local parents are not happy with the schooling. Those who can afford to, send their children to private schools. Pray that the children will learn critical thinking so that they won't accept blindly what has been taught to them about religion.


A Muslim lady who is learning the Bible and seems to be receiving the Truth, also seems confused by observing the sinful behaviours of some people she knows to be Christians. Pray that she will not be dissuaded from the Truth of God because of the sins of men, and that she will put her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.