The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

28 May, 2010



Praise God for P&K as they continue to connect with their special friends. Praise God for the opportunity P had to share in the car on his way to a hockey tournament.


Many workers leave for summer vacation. Please pray with us that those they leave behind will be nurtured by God and that He would continue the good work that He has started in them.

Please ask the Lord to help a young lady who is suffering from depression. She is searching for more in her life and is asking questions about Jesus. Ask that the woman helping her will have wisdom, as she introduces her to the Gospel.

Please pray for more Arabic speaking workers to come to the western region of our country. We need them to reach out and follow up, especially to ladies who don't speak much English.

Those who serve the Lord in hard places face discouragement, illness and difficult times. Ask that the Lord will give strength to the expat and national believers, and that they will put their trust in Him each daily. Ask that their needs will be met and that they will be filled with the joy of the Lord.

What are the main items that attract Arabs to Christ? As someone who did research on this has stated: They want answers on how to deal with their wife and how to relate to their children. But how can Christian families live as examples of these in view of Arabs? Pray for opportunities and desires among Christian families to live out Biblical husband-wife, father/mother-child relationships in parks & shopping malls, and during hospitality in homes.


We are excited to be part of a new church plant for expatriates. This new church is meeting in the ballroom of a local hotel. One family that came to our very 1st worship service was from the majority faith of our country. A church member met them and explained what we were doing. Before they left, this same sister gave them a bulletin and invited them to return. Pray for many opportunities for majority faith believers to come and see what a Christian church really is about, and to talk to expat Christians.