The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

28 July, 2010

Positive Changes


A secret believer here recently confided to a worker that she fellowships with "people in another town who believe the way we do"!  Praise God, as there are more out there than we know, but He knows them all by name.


"Ahmed", a former Muslim, is somewhat new in his faith in Christ.  He is rather bold, but still faces decisions of right timing in witnessing to his family.  Pray that God will guide him and protect him.

In the Gulf, many families travel to Europe during the holidays. Ask that they will meet people who know the Gospel. Ask that they will hear the news and respond to it. Ask that they will be protected from the evils that are available in Europe, seeking the good entertainment and not the bad.

During the summer holidays, young men flock to the internet café's, playing games and surfing the "net". Ask that they will not look at the evil sites that are available, but find those which talk about the Good News. Ask that they will believe what they read.

A tragic death happened in the royal family not long ago, and "Nadeem", a national believer in Jesus, had been the childhood friend of the deceased.  The funeral gave opportunity to Nadeem to be back in touch with the family.  A tentmaker also knows a close relative.  Pray that these relationships with blossom into opportunities for the Gospel.

Two unbelievers at our Ladies Fellowship recently came to faith.  As a result, we started a men's fellowship to invite their husbands.  One man in that fellowship has now come to faith as well!  Please pray for more good and lasting fruit.


One local believer, who is locked in the house because of her faith, has experienced a miraculous healing by praying for herself in the name of our Lord. She hasn't shared this yet with her family. Pray for wisdom in which way she can share this, or if she should just keep this secret. Pray for her protection, and for her family, that they will see the positive changes in her life.  She also wants to do an internet theological course. Pray that she will be able to and that she will continue to grow in her faith, although her only way of reading the Word and Connection with believers is by way of internet.