The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

28 September, 2011

Special Prayer for Yemen


This week we would ask that you have on your heart the country of Yemen. There are many prayer videos for Yemen on YouTube (just go to YouTube and type in "PTAP Yemen"). We would ask that you would focus your prayers on the Church in Yemen.

Yemen-Church on the Rock

Yemen-Church on the Rock

Also pray for the Children in Yemen.

Children, Yemen

Children, Yemen


News reports scream out, "The president has returned to Yemen". Some people celebrate with joy. Others prepare to fight. Pray that those in control will think about the safety of their people, the young people who have died from sniper attacks, the children whose homes were destroyed, the elderly who want to end their days peacefully. Pray that somehow peaceful negotiations will be successful and that weapons will be put down.

Pray that potential persecution and political unrest would not keep the Gospel from spreading in Yemen.

Pray for the protection and growth of the Yemeni church. There are Yemeni believers and small groups of them are meeting together.

Water, electricity, and fuel are essential products in modern society. Some cities of Yemen are experiencing shortages in all three. Pray that the reasons for the shortages will be solved. Pray that the basic needs of the people will be met.

There are very few workers in the area of the Hadramaut, a desolate place even in Yemen. Pray for believers who are there and for others to be called to spread the Gospel to this unreached area of the world.

The kidnapping of a German family of five, a British man and the murder of three single women is still an open case. Although the two girls of the German family have been found unharmed and are in a safe and loving home now, the ordeal for all who are close to those still missing continues. Please pray that God would reveal the truth of what happened to this British man, the German couple and their son (now 3 years), and bring deliverance or at least closure for all involved.

The New Testament has been in much higher demand in the last few months. People are specifically asking for copies. Local believers are coming and distributing to those they know, requesting more copies when they run out. People are reading, "We have been passing this one copy around between a group of us, each week changing hands." Pray the Word of God would bring Kingdom changes to this country.