The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

28 March, 2012



Praise the Lord that in the midst of tragedy and challenges, we reconnected with a local recently, who purposefully searched us out to meet with us and talk.


This week there is a special prayer focus on Yemen. With kidnappings and other unrest, please make it a special part of your week to pray forYemen


• The Bible states many times that Believers will suffer. Paul says to "count it all joy when we go through trials". Some of God's people are suffering right now. They are questioning events which have recently occurred in their country. Pray that God will give them strength and that they will grow in Faith through the trials they face.

• Please pray for the immediate and safe release of a Swiss teacher, and three Filipino seafarers kidnapped in Yemen. Pray for their families to be comforted in this time.

• Pray for ministries reaching locals through audio-visuals, web ministry and other media. Pray that locals will connect with these tools and will make commitments to follow Christ.

• This week, 28-30 March, workers are meeting to specifically pray for Yemen. Would you join them to pray for this country that has experienced so much turmoil recently?

• The religious police seem to have more power recently. I heard that a foreign lady has just received a fine for not covering her hair in public. Pray that foreigners fellowshipping together in houses will continue to be tolerated.


We have had a group of international college students come for an extended stay with us. They have been out every night playing soccer, befriending guys, and hanging out. During this time they have been sharing their faith by their personal testimonies and using video stories on phones. There are three local guys who are now seriously contemplating the gospel and its implications for them. Pray that the students will continue to share the gospel with boldness and that these persons of peace that they have found will commit their lives to the Saviour.