The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

28 December, 2011

In Prison


Thank God for the protection of those who love Him in Yemen during 2011, a year that has been filled with stress and even bloodshed. Pray for peace in that country in 2012.


- During this Christmas season, many foreigners have the chance to tell friends about their Christmas traditions. What is the meaning of the Christmas tree or Santa Claus? Pray that the people will hear that Christmas is a religious holiday. The real reason we celebrate is because a Holy Child was born, to take away the sins of the world. Pray that many will hear this story and believe.

- We have been in good contact for about 2 years with 'The Student'. He has studied some of our book and discussed lots of Christian topics. It is a blessing to know him, and through him, to have an insight in a university-student's mind. His studies are nearly completed and he will probably be in close contact with us for only one month more. Pray that we will be bold and able to present Christ truthfully to him.

- Pray for the people who have suffered from living with conflict for the last year. Pray that God will give them comfort and healing.

- As satellite TV stations broadcast stories of Jesus' birth and church services during the Christmas season, ask that people of the AP will watch them. Ask that the Holy Spirit will speak to their hearts and that they will "listen", hearing the reason why Jesus came to earth.

- "Daan" become a brother two years while abroad for studies. He is searching for a job in his home country now. He misses the fellowship he used to be a part of, and, except for a few foreigners who all live very far from him, no one here knows about his faith. Pray for Daan. Pray that God blesses him with a good job and that God will direct him to live and work in a place where he can find Christian fellowship. Pray for protection against the temptation to return to Islam.


God is sovereign and has plans for His glory more than what we would ask. We have prayed before for "Abu Nasser", a local pastor, that he might be released from prison and returned to his family. However, the final decision on his case at the end of last month left him in prison. While there he has been put in a position in charge of other inmates. In that role he sometimes has to testify for or against them. It reminds us of Joseph of old. Perhaps God is causing him to grow in dealing with others, sometimes guilty men, sometimes those needing loving support. Pray that he will be given righteous discernment, wisdom, and judgment. Pray that he will be protected from embittered men. Pray that his role will lead to vindication of his fairness. Pray that his family will be well cared for and that he will be released in God's perfect timing. It is expected that he will be in prison about 9 more months.