The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

27 October, 2010

A desire to know Him.


Praise God for the book full of stories of God at work in the Arabian Peninsula is now released and available.

Praise God for the Causeway that links Bahrain to the rest of the Arabian Peninsula. In Bahrain, it is possible to get a Bible or other Christian literature. Click here to see and pray more about this view Causeway


Ask God to be with the children of the Arabian Peninsula. Their needs range from those who are victims of war to those who are sheltered in wealthy homes, having no physical needs. In common, they all need to hear the Good News of God's love for them. Ask that they will all have the chance to hear and respond.

Even with a constitution of religious freedom, there have been expulsions of workers from this country. Pray for the remaining workers to be encouraged in their work, and not fearful of being salt & light where God has placed them.

Back in January we prayed for "Yasser", who was wearing a cross bracelet when he was visiting a believing professor. He has since returned to see the professor, revealing he is a believer from another Arab nation. Pray for Christian students who travel to AP universities to study. May they also be a witness for God whom they believe.

There are many opportunities to share with those from other un-reached people groups living in this country - one such group are the maids, many who work in Christian homes. Please pray for my cleaner S - who stated that she has seen a difference in our family and another Christian family with whom she has worked, and is very interested in finding out more about the gospel. We were able to give her a Bible and Jesus film in her heart language last week. Pray that God would open her heart to the message of truth and hope.

We prayed for 'Sandra' & her family in March. Unfortunately, the cycle of abuse continues, but there are some encouraging signs. Her daughter, a believer, has been giving wise counsel to "Sandra" and her husband. He is seeing her wisdom and is impressed by his daughter. Please continue to pray that God would break through and bring healing, deliverance, and freedom to this family. Also, pray that "Sandra's" husband would find Jesus for himself.


Last year S. took his pension plus a golden handshake and left his managers job in the telecom industry. His bosses were pushing in people of their own tribe, overwriting S's decisions, to benefit their relatives in lower positions, and other corrupt behaviours. S has been at home for one year, at the age of 45. He does some real-estate projects and tries to build a sound financial base for his four children. I wonder what S does with all his free time, how he values himself and how others see him? Pray that God will give him a desire to know Him and that he will not settle for the easy option of being blind and deaf to the corrupted religion he follows.