The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

26 March, 2010

Bring healing.


"Abu Bader" came to Christ about 4 years ago through the ministry of satellite TV. His family disowned him at that time, but in recent days, two of his grown sons have started to study the Bible with him. We've prayed for them, and today, as I write, "Bader", the eldest son, is being baptized!


Pray for the churches in the lead-up to Easter. Many nominal Christians attend during this time, especially from the expat Arab and Asian communities. Pray for God's Word to be proclaimed clearly and for many to make real commitments to Him and to put their trust in Jesus Christ. Pray that many would be drawn to follow Him more fully.

We often have Pakistani women come to our door to ask for things and money. Usually we try to help them where we can, and have established a bit of a relationship, although communicating is hard, because they don't know much Arabic. A few days ago, I was able to pray for a lady who was sick. I explained to her what we believe and was able to give her a Jesus film in Urdu. Please pray that this lady and her family will watch it, and come back to report what happened.

Z is an open-minded girl who is asking questions about our religion and at the same time questioning some things of her own religion. She has regular contact with a Christian and discusses things with her. Praise God for her interest and pray that God will show her the truth.

Dreams and visions are very significant components in the process whereby folks from the majority religion here come to faith in Jesus. The other day Fred, a local, had a dream that he was pregnant. He asked his wife, a believer, "what could this possibly mean?" Our prayer is that this is a sign Fred will soon be "reborn." Pray that Fred will continue to receive dreams and visions, and that through these, he will know what steps to take to become a member of God's family. Pray that Fred might receive more dreams about a "new life".

Singleness can be lonely for the single women who live in foreign countries. They must be flexible as they figure out what is acceptable behaviour for them in the new culture. They do have freedom to visit at any time, moulding their schedules to the needs of local friends, not having to rush home to meet the needs of a husband or children. Ask that the Lord will fill the loneliness with His Presence. Ask that they will be successful in their friendships with women they meet.


A young lady just went through a terrible loss, the death of her young son. Her family has told her that she must not grieve. It is God's will and she must accept it. Recently, she was reprimanded for weeping. Ask that the Scriptures she reads regarding mourning and loss will help her to work through the emotions she needs to process, and to bring healing. Ask that she will be able to one day help others who face trials.