The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

26 September, 2012

Good Soil


• Pray that local believers would desire to meet together regularly for mutual spiritual encouragement. May the Lord raise up some key leaders toward this end.

• We pray for the governments of the Muslim nations. We ask that you give them wisdom in dealing with the situations they are facing in these days. Help them to bring peace to their nations.

• A young believing family had their property damaged by enemies. Soon afterwards, several of the thugs were killed in an accident. This event encouraged the family, reminding them that God will deal with those who are against them. Ask that this news will be used for His glory.

• "Ahmed" has been corresponding with Christian media from within our country, and now says that he wants to be baptized. Little is known of him otherwise. Please pray for honesty and trust as live contact is made, and that Ahmed will know new life in Christ and grow strong in his faith.


I had a long chat with an American who recently converted to Islam. He explained how he was born and raised as a Presbyterian, but he always felt that something was wrong with the emphasis on Jesus and not God. Islam has satisfied his heart since he embraced it. He is married to a local lady and is a senior executive in the region.

My heart really burned with indignation at how we are losing folks even as we seek to gain fresh ones. I am thankful that my discussion with him allowed me to carefully represent the Truth of Christ. He listened carefully. Pray that the seed found good soil.