The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

26 October, 2011

Find a Bride


Christian internet & media has received more responses from our country! A good number of names and numbers are filtering through a follow-up system in the last 2 months. Pray to the Lord of the harvest, that He will send more people and will raise up, from among the local believers workers for His vineyard.

Hajj 2011 - November 4-7

Please go to the PTAP web site and find theHAJJ 2011 prayer information. This is a very strategic time to be praying for Muslims as they travel to Mecca, Saudi Arabia to seek forgiveness of their sins. We ask that you might challenge others around you and your church to pray during this time. We are seeing many changes in the Muslim world right now, and may we continue to be faithful to pray. Some people will also take a day to pray and fast during these days. On the web site you will find four pages of PDF prayer information and a video you can download.

Hajj 2011


Please lift up the refugees who live in conflict areas of Arabia. They have no place to go when bullets are flying. Especially pray for one couple who loves Jesus, that they will be able to give their fears to Him to carry. Ask that this couple will be kept safe, that they will be able to sleep at night and that all their needs will be met.

"Yoesef" is a mature brother but has had no contact with believers in the flesh, so far. He is drawn into a small network of believers that meets and knows each other by the internet. Pray that "Yoesef" will not become over-critical about other local believers that have not reached his maturity level in faith. Pray that he will step up as an encourager and example.

As problems continue to occur in Yemen, ask that the people who love Jesus will have peace and calmness. Ask that this will be a witness to those around them. Ask that they will tell others about the " Source" of their peace.

Lift up the women of Saudi Arabia as they seek for more freedom in their lives. News reporters say that a woman was arrested for driving and that women are asking to vote. Ask that the women will hear the news that true freedom comes from an acceptance of the free gift of eternal life through Christ.

"Dr Said" has expressed his new faith. He came as a foreign Arab worker to this country and has found Christ here. He needs a community to worship with. Pray that he can be drawn into a local community of believers. He lives 2 hours away from the nearest (known) believer.


"Ahmed" is aware of the advantages he has over some of his countrymen in regard to attracting ladies. He is handsome, quick in his speech, confident, almost finished a medical degree...

He is surrounded with married men who are sorry they got married to their particular girl. "Abdullah" does not want to make the same "mistake". So he engages ladies in conversations through any media (face to face is seldom possible), trying to find his bride. He struggles as to how to choose the right girl and it seems to completely occupy his life. Pray that the men of this country will seek the peace with God first. Pray for those that are disappointed in marriage. Pray that it drives them to the heavenly Father.