The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

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25 August, 2010



"Ayman" is another who was baptized from a Muslim background in the last couple of months. He is now enjoying the fellowship of those of his own background who also are believers. Pray that the roots of Ayman's faith with grow deep in the knowledge of God's Word, and into maturity and steadfastness.


Still no word of the workers missing for over a year. Please pray for a breakthrough.

During this month of Ramadan, people are especially religious. They give more to the poor, read their holy book and pray more fervently. Ask that they will read passages in the Quran about Jesus and have many questions about who He is (Please view this video,Walking on Jesus Street to see Jesus in the Quran). Ask that they will seek out those of different faiths and begin dialogues. Ask that the Father will speak to them in visions and dreams about the Truth.

A new school to offer good quality education to locals & expats is trying to open for this school season, but they are having difficulty getting a building. Please pray they can find a suitable place to open for this new school year.

Ali is debating with one of the workers about the relative truth and merits of our two faiths. He reads scripture, and then tries to explain it and deconstruct it using his book. He needs revelation and conviction by the spirit. The dialogue is ongoing.

There have been severe rains and flooding this summer. On one high way, several vehicles were swept away and people are missing. Do pray that the lost will be found. Pray for the families of those killed. Pray that the people of this country will hear the Good News, so that they can face eternity with the Lord.


The hospitality responsibility was a bit confusing when meeting A and his wife in our home country. Who is the host and who the guest? They came here to study a local university and plan to stay several years. The local community of Arabs stick closely together and there seems only limited contact with the Europeans they live amongst.

Pray that A and his wife will want to build contacts with local Christians. Pray they will call the people we have suggested. Pray also that the group of 70 (Arab students and those accompanying them) will not prevent each other from mingling with local Europeans.