The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

25 May, 2011

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Praise the Lord for believers who have an interest in this area of the world and are working towards coming here to be salt & light to the people.

PTAP has just launched an updated PTAP web site . We are still rolling this out, but we are excited about the new look and also the way this will allow us more options in the future. Please be praying for the web designer as the work continues on, but also pray that this site will be used to bring glory to the Lord. We will be adding a link to this that if Muslims visit, they will find other web sites that talk about Jesus in their language.


Often there is a fear which grips both workers and local brothers; a fear of the world. A fear of being found out confessing that Jesus is the Son of God. This fear has very real foundations but it is not something to which we should be bound. In everything we have won...even death will not hold us for it did not hold him. The worst we could imagine man doing to us will ultimately turn out to be our joy. For it is only in dying that we will see Him face to face. Pray that His perfect love would cast out all fear from His children who trust in Him.

Several locals during our visit commented on the increasing tension and anger with the way the "war", as they call it, is being handled. They are upset and mentioned the possibilities of huge problems...... Pray that people do not only think that problems occur because of governments. Pray that God will give them the insight that the problem is with each individual's heart.

The 'state of emergency' in Bahrain will be lifted on June 1st. Please pray that this provides some peace for the country.

"Dalal" is a local lady who has heard the gospel several times from tentmaker ladies in our region. For many years she has struggled with sickle cell anemia, and has also just recently gone through a divorce. Pray that the difficulties she has been going through will humble her, and bring to her memory the words of the gospel so that she would be saved.

There have been increased tensions, tire burnings, closed roads and demonstrations around the city of Sanaa, Yemen in the last days. Please pray for the people who are suffering in this conflict. Ask that God will comfort them if they are facing fear. Pray for their safety and ask that the unrest will stop.


We spent another evening hosting three local men in our home. They are fun and energetic young men in their 20's. We talked about many topics during their visit, some spiritual, but none at the heart level. After our time together, on their way out, they noticed a small picture frame we have by the door. It reads: "One life, will soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last". They had read this several times before but this time they asked what it meant. It led to a discussion of living for Christ and an opportunity to share the good news. Better yet, it has opened the door for more discussions. Please pray for our friends to learn about Christ and His desire for them to know Him.