The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

24 August, 2011

Word of God


Praise God for many opportunities workers have had to meet with locals during Iftar (breaking of the Ramadan fast at sunset). Pray that relationships would be established for our Father's sake, and the Gospel shared.

Prayershort Video

Many times when we think and pray for the Arabian Peninsula (AP), we feel the land is hard like Psalm 65:9-12 talks about. But in this Psalm God is the one that is watering the land and breaking up the hard place. As we have been working to see God known in the AP, we know your prayers are part of making the soil softer for His living word. Please view this video on continue to pray for the softening of the land.


As Ramadan continues, a special time approaches for those devout Muslims who want to experience the power of a thousand months. The Night of Power is believed to be an unknown night during the last 10 days of Ramadan. These nights, Arabs will be staying awake and reading the Quran and praying, hoping for it to be the night that their prayers are answered. Other Muslims believe that the Night of Power is the 26th day of Ramadan. Omanis believe no one knows the day, but are vigilant on the last 10 nights in expectation of great things. Pray that during these days, Christ would be revealed to those seeking Arabs, as Lord and Saviour. Pray they will have visions and dreams where the Holy Spirit reveals the Truth of Jesus to whole villages and tribes. Pray that this is the Ramadan that more Muslims come to faith in Christ than the number of Muslims going to Mecca.

Please pray for members of powerful ruling families who are secretly examining the Bible & its claims, and for some in these families who have already come to faith. Pray they will connect with one another in God's perfect way & time, & encourage each other in the faith.

As Jesus walked on this earth he taught his disciples to walk in His Kingdom. He challenged the way they walked in their culture versus a Kingdom of God culture. Pray that as Muslims come to know Jesus that they will learn to walk in His Kingdom.

Water, electricity and fuel are essential products in modern society. Some cities of Yemen are experiencing shortages in all three. Pray that the reasons for the shortages will be solved. Pray that the basic needs of the people will be met.

"Sultan" shared that he used to be a religious youth leader till he was about 16 years and followed, what became, an extreme Islamic leader. He still considers himself as a person devoted to God. He has read parts of the Bible and is able to recite some of its stories. He is particular touched by our Lord's teaching of Matt 5:39: "if someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to the other also." Pray that the Spirit will use this verse to convince "Sultan" of the unworthiness of coming to his Creator without a Redeemer.


A local believer was in a crowded public transportation bus. Unprovoked, the guy sitting next to him said, "I can't believe those dirty Christians can believe that God could be on earth and eat and drink and then they worship him." The local believer spoke up, "But isn't Jesus the 'Word of God'?" Then everyone in the bus agreed, "Yes." And the oldest said, "Yes, and he healed the sick and raised the dead." The conversation went on, talking of good things regarding Jesus. By the end of the bus ride, the guy next to the believer hadn't yet figured out how the 'Word of God' could eat and drink, nor could he yet agree that Jesus died and rose from the dead. The believer felt two things more than ever before - that God was present speaking and that people were listening. Please keep praying for our local brothers and sisters in Christ.