The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

23 November, 2011

Heard and Believed


Recently, "Houdah", a new national believer from a Muslim background, was baptized here. It's especially encouraging to have another female believer, as most local believers from our country are male.


In almost every Arab country you will find Bedouin. They traditionally have been nomadic travelers, but those days are changing. Please view and pray for the Bedouin in United Arab Emirates.


Ask that the Lord will continue to protect his people in countries where fighting and unrest continue. Ask that they will be protected against stray bullets that come into their houses. Ask that they will know where the unrest in their cities is, and be able to avoid those areas. Ask that they will have peace in their hearts and freedom from fear.

We all recognize that " ...we will be persecuted..." (1 Thes 3:4) is a reality for the brothers and sisters of this country. Most of the local believers here are not part of a fellowship group but receive their teaching from the internet and satellite. Without spiritually guided leadership, the chance is higher that these believers are not prepared well for trials that come their way. Pray that God will prepare them.

Eight women from one family drowned in a river in a rural area. Ask for God to comfort the family as they struggle with this tragedy. Ask that He will speak to them through visions and dreams.

Mohammed, a local believer from the majority faith, had "disappeared" for some time. After the recent death of his mother, he is once again seeking our fellowship. Pray that he will become consistent, and grow in maturity.

As a young person dreams, a man in white appears to her. Another woman dreams about her husband being in a car accident and this in fact happens. Yet another person dreams that she should start a business with someone. Dreams in the Eastern countries are common and taken seriously. Ask that God will show Himself through dreams and visions to many more people. Ask that they will share their dreams with those who know the Father, talking about what the dreams mean and gaining understanding of life in Christ.


"Fatima", the wife of one of the believers, had heard about the truth and believed the essentials a few months ago. Her husband read to her a short study called "God's Strategy". The study lists what God has put in place regarding His gifts for us. The Holy Spirit's leading was extremely enlightening to her. She understood and received the great love of God. She said yesterday, "Now I want to be baptized." Please pray for the growth of local believers, and that their families would chose to believe, as "Fatima" has.