The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

23 February, 2011

Show Her the Path


Thank you so much for your continued faith and hope for our friends, colleagues, and neighbors. It means so much to us that you would walk with us in believing that God can break through the hearts and lives of our Arab friends. Thankfully, nothing is too hard for God. He can truly bring salvation to the entire Middle East. Come soon, Lord Jesus, and show us your mighty power.

To understand a little more about some of the issues causing the violence in Bahrain, it might be good to watch and pray through two different videos:

"Modern Bahrainis"

"Shi'a Bahrain"

Shi'a Bahrain


News of demonstrations and unrest have come from several countries in the AP. Ask that there will be no more violence. Ask that leaders and the people will be able to talk through differences in a peaceful manner. Ask that the people will search their hearts for the unrest within and hear about the One who can bring inner joy and peace. Ask that they will hear the GOOD NEWS.

Pray for expat Christians in key positions, that they would be able to bring reconciliation in these days.

Pray for a young man, "Hamed" who was injured by rubber bullets in recent events in his country. He went back to join the protests. He asked a worker to pray for him, and he shared afterwards that the soldiers shot in a different direction to him, so the prayers were answered. He has a family, and many others like him, are joining protests. Please pray for calmness, and no more deaths at these protests.

The overall sense is protesters are full of anger and hurt. Talking to people, they seem to want revenge for the blood of their brothers, sisters, and friends. Please pray that a spirit of forgiveness and peace would fall on this place.

A worker was encouraged that her neighbour shared she is pregnant after great difficulty and another near loss, and she was able to testify to God's power and strength, and assure her of her prayers. Please pray that "Fatima" will have a safe pregnancy and healthy baby. Pray too that she comes to know Christ during this time.


'Latifa' made a decision to follow Jesus quite a few years ago but over the last months she has felt that God is very far away. Just before Christmas, we had a Christmas dinner at our house and at the end she shared about how she wanted God to speak to her. Within the next days, she had her very first dream of Jesus, who was holding a lantern. She is the kind of woman that likes to plan things out. It seems God is saying to her that He will show her the path ahead, maybe not the whole way, but at least the next step. She was thrilled with this answer to prayer.