The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

22 September, 2010

Hunger for the Word


Praise God for all the literature that has already been distributed this year throughout the AP. To learn more about this please click this link Getting the Word Out.Praise Him, also, for the donors who make it possible for this literature, including Arabic Bibles, to be available.


I had a good time twice this week with an influential local doctor. He is well known and respected by all. He leads the Muslim prayers but is not negative towards Christianity. Pray he could be a person who changes people's negative ideas of Jesus as we know Him from the Bible. The locals here need to be told it is acceptable to read the Bible, and not a cursed book.

Pray that God will give insight in what He is doing so we can join Him in that work. Pray this now as many workers come back from holidays and make new plans for the coming year.

We believe that salvation only comes through the forgiveness of sins, which Christ's death on the cross accomplished. It is not by good works, that we are saved. Pray that the people will hear this good news and accept salvation. Pray that their good works will be done because they love the Savior and want to serve Him.

How heart-warming to see a man reaching his hand to the gloved hand of the totally black covered shape walking beside him. The romantic love pictured by the Hollywood films is desired also among the most religious. We seem so different, us and them, but God created us all "In His image" and they also have the desires for love, affection and acceptance. Pray that the desire for a perfect relationship will become a burden that drives them to Jesus.

The Eid holidays are now over. Ask that as locals get back to work and their normal routines, they will be given strength to do well in all they endeavour. Ask that they will question their beliefs and hear the Truth.


K. is a bedouin from a province that has seen little change in 500 years. To make a living, he is a long distance taxi driver, taking trips of 2500 km with 4-6 passengers. Money is good during the holiday season as people want to visit their families for Eid. We spoke to him in a mall where he was enjoying some air-conditioning and rest after a 11 hour drive. He would like to get an Arabic Bible and said he will give us a call next time he is in town. Pray that God will stir him to a hunger for the Word so he will not only want to read, but obey whatever the cost. Pray also that he will have a passenger in these weeks who shares about Christ with him again in a way he understands.