The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

22 February 2017



According to this recent article in Evangelical Focus, the church is growing in Yemen. This is very encouraging. However, the costs are great for Yemenis who follow Christ. Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Yemen.

Read the article Here, and be encouraged. God loves Yemen!


• Our friend Jennifer whom we have been praying for needs our prayers. She is doing well though the evil spirits are really disturbing her. She recently visited a witchdoctor and this made things worse. She keeps avoiding her expat, Christian friends but keeps coming back as well. They asked her if they could start reading the Bible together again. She accepted but didn't follow through on it. She continues to visit her Christian friends however. One friend is encouraging her to read some verses but Jennifer looks confused. She has been watching Youtube videos of people being delivered from satanic spirits in different religions.

• So please pray that she can get the right message, the message of the Gospel that only Jesus can deliver her from all evil and transfer her into His Kingdom. Pray that she can fully accept studying the Bible and would not avoid it. Pray against her confusion too. Pray that she may find love in our Father. Pray that God may give the Christian women wisdom on how to minister to Jennifer.


• Khamis Mushait and Abha are two cities located in southwestern Saudi Arabia. Khamis Mushait is located about 17 miles (27 km) northeast of Abha. Khamis Mushait is located inland in a mountainous region with fertile soil. The establishment of army and air force bases to the south brought rapid expansion to the city. Aside from the city's military importance, agriculture represents a major aspect of the economy, the main crops being wheat, rice, coffee, and henna. The city is named for the Mushait tribal clan of the Arabs.

• Until the 1970s Khamis Mushait was a small town of less than 50,000 servicing the surrounding mild-climate agricultural region. Since then its population has grown dramatically, reaching over 400,000 in 2016.

• Abha is the capital of Asir province in Saudi Arabia. It is situated 2,200 meters above sea level in the fertile mountains of south-western Saudi Arabia, near Asir National Park. Abha's mild climate makes it a popular tourist destination for Saudis. Abha has many historic places such as forts and other locations thanks to the regions cultural heritage.

• Both Abha and Khamis Mushait are considered relatively religious conservative, women must wear the abayah (a black outer cloak which covers all the clothes). Most foreign women are not required to hide the face, but for protection it is considered wise to do so until you understand the "lay of the land". Women are not permitted to drive and expatriate women are usually chauffeured by taxis or company provided buses or cars. Men are also frowned upon with open shoulder, bare chested undershirts or shorts.


1- Contacts and contracts at King Khalid Air Force Base to open positions to hire expatriate workers and teachers who will share Jesus with the Saudis and others there.

2- That the Lord would raise up technical specialists, teachers and business owners to go to these cities and share the Gospel to it's inhabitants

3- Convict the people of Khamis Mushait and Abha of their need for a Savior. That God would send dreams and visions of Jesus, son of Mary (Isa Bin Maryiam) to call them to the one true Father.