The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

22 August, 2012

Urban Centers


• Pray for those who are experiencing post traumatic stress from the hardship they have faced in their country for the past year and a half. Ask that they will call out to God and that He will speak to them. Pray that they will meet Believers who can comfort them in their suffering, sharing with them how much God loves them.

• Many countries in the AP have a growing young population who are the majority. Pray that Christian websites would be relevant to this large group and that workers would find ways to reach them too. Pray that younger workers, who can relate to this generation, would come to serve in the AP.

• Pray that a network of local believers would form for fellowship and spiritual strengthening. Lift up those who live in fear of discovery and pray that they would have courage to meet with others.

• A Christian website has been blocked in this country. Pray that someone in authority would make the decision to unblock it and pray for other websites providing God's Truth to be found by local enquirers.


Like most of the world, many people are moving to the urban centers. This is true for the Urban Emiratis. Please pray for them this week.