The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

21 May, 2010

Entrusted with the gospel.


Praise that two young German girls (sisters) of the six hostages being held for nearly a year have been released and will be with extended family soon. Continue to pray for the other four that are missing.


Pray for a secret believer. He has announced himself as a believer to someone out of the country. He has the telephone number of a worker in that same city but does not contact him. Pray for this believer, that God will bring the worker and believer together so that there may be mutual encouragement and growth in faith.

As the summer months come, electrical outages can be very uncomfortable for those who depend on air conditioners and fans. Ask that the electricity will be consistent, especially in the hot areas of the country.

Praise God for the evening we spent with "Fred" and "Beth", a local and his expat wife. Pray that they will continue to build their marriage according to God's ways, as we continue a marriage study with them.

"Bismillah" - in the name of God, is uttered in every activity of life for the Muslim. Before the hairdresser cuts hair, as the exam begins, before a meal is eaten and in hundreds of other scenarios, these words are quoted. Are people calling on God to help them or are they quoting this as good luck...magic? Do they understand that God, through Christ wants to help them? Ask that the people of the AP will call on God's name because they have a personal relationship with Him, because they want to serve Him and because they love Him.

Praise God for the baby shower we were able to host for Lauren (a believer). This provided an opportunity for us to share about God's miracles in her life. Pray that many of Lauren's friends, co-workers and family (who are from the majority faith) will ask her significant questions.


"Sami" was one of the first Gulf nationals I met, when coming here years ago. He was so helpful. "Sami" explained Arabic to me, and more than once, accompanied me to bargain for needed items. On one occasion, he allowed our family to stay in his rental apartment for a month at no cost. Before I was married, he traveled with me and some others to Egypt for a vacation.

I have shared the Gospel with him in some detail. His initial response was: "I like what you're saying," but because of other nationals sitting around us, added, "Can I come to your apartment to talk more about this later?" He did so, and had some meaningful questions to ask, but in the end held on to Islam, and even more so, to his carefree lifestyle.

Now, many years later, his nephew is my student. The nephew is struggling to get through the course, and amidst a discussion about his attendance and grades, revealed: "This past week, my uncle Sami was shot 9 times and killed. It's not known who did it or why." As far as I know, Sami never responded in belief to the Saviour's message. His apparent doom grieves me, not only for him, but it also grieves me for all those around us, who have not yet believed or even heard the message.

Please pray for us who have been entrusted with the Gospel to make Christ known.