The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

21 July, 2010

A new nature.


"You feel comfortable talking about your convictions and this makes it a good subject for our English conversation classes". This is the way one of our friends starts her English classes for the locals. This week, she again had the opportunity to talk about our Holy Book, answering questions from students. The questions dealt with the misconceptions the locals have about the Bible. Praise God for faithful Christians who, by their style of living and by their words at work and outside of work, do witness about God.


Our Father never promised us trouble free lives. He did, however, promise to be with us always. Do lift up a man who is going through extreme struggles at this time. Ask that he will be aware of the Father's presence. Ask that he will be at peace. Ask that he will have freedom from his trials.

As students finish exams and begin their summer holidays, many will go to the movie store and buy DVDs. They will watch movies from the West. Ask that they will be drawn to movies that honor God, movies that show His concern for them, and that have a message which shares the Good News.

As many tentmakers are travelling away from their countries of service this summer, pray that those they disciple and encourage will continue steadfast in faith, and find satisfying spiritual input and grace.

The teachers at a language school have a lot of exposure to believing students. Pray they notice the differences in these students and question them about why their actions are not like other people from their countries. Also pray for the students to be good testimonies to their teachers.

A worker here has had a string of good spiritual conversations with local Muslims as he makes his regular rounds at coffee shops seeking "men of peace", Please pray for these conversations to lead to much more.


"Dan" was invited to dinner by "Abdullah", along with several of his local friends. One of those friends warned Dan ahead of time, that some of them wanted to use the occasion to talk to him about his faith and Islam, and that he didn't agree with their plan. As it turned out, Dan took the opportunity to tell the men about the necessity of Jesus' payment for our salvation. He shared how keeping account of the number of our sins missed the point. We need to be given a new nature, and that is only possible when One from the outside changes us.

The next day, Abdullah called Dan, hoping that the interaction had not been troublesome to him. As a matter of fact, Abdullah continued, he had been given a new view of Jesus, and actually wanted to learn more! Pray that God will bring Abdullah into a personal relationship with the One about whom he wants to know more.