The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

21 September, 2011

Resolution and Peace


A number of Arab believers from our country are "getting together" through the internet. We are encouraging others to join in. Pray that this will be an encouragement and that leaders will emerge who will reach out to other Arab believers on the web.


Foreign intentional Christians (Tentmakers) in the AP have daily opportunities to share the gospel with neighbors, co-workers, and students. But words speak louder with actions. Pray that, with the words, they will also manifest love, truth, and kindness in such a way as to draw their Muslim friends to believe Christ is the Savior.

This week there has been fighting between opposing groups in Yemen. Amidst the tensions, the school year began for the students of this nation. Ask that they will be kept safe and that those who are in conflict will think about the needs of the children. Pray that the children will not suffer, that they will not be fearful and that they will be able to grow up in a peaceful nation.

A week ago a local brother "Mohammed" was admitted to a hospital with poisoning. He wrote that to a friend, but after that we have no news about him. We don't know what and why, but please pray for him, for recovery and protection, this might have been because of his faith.

At a conference, we met an American girl who had taught English to some boys from our country. One of them went back to his country and we got his contact information. We talked to him by Skype and now he has requested a Bible. Pray that we can find someone in his city to build a relationship with him and share more about our Lord.

"Noori" had a disagreement with the leader of his house group (local fellowship group), and had ceased coming to gatherings. However, he recently spoke with the leader by telephone and they were reconciled. He is now attending the fellowship once again. Pray for the strengthening of spiritual, enduring relationships in these budding churches.


Hopelessness and fear shone in the eyes of a young lady and her mother. They said that life in Yemen is very hard right now. They are afraid to go out on their own during the day because of the lawlessness in the city. The mother feels like she is living in the days of the past, as lack of electricity and washing with only a bit of water, makes housekeeping difficult. She wonders what will happen? She says, "I just want security". Pray that the needs of this family and many others will be met. Pray that those in opposition with one another will think about the needs of their people and work towards resolution and peace. Further conflict and the economic failure that is already occurring will cause much suffering to their countrymen.