The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

21 March, 2012



Thank God that He connects workers with locals living nearby. May these relationships continue to grow and flourish according to His will, and opportunities for the Gospel of Truth to be shared.


Yemen needs much prayer this week. So we ask that you would take time to pray for that country and also for the city of Sanaa. The people believe a local prophecy about Jesus, the Yemeni people need Jesus. Shem, Sanaa and Jesus


• Pray for a local man who says he has believed in Jesus but who seems to have little spiritual hunger; he hopes to move to the West and perhaps marry a Westerner. May he read the Word and pray the Lord will work in his heart.

• After having "disappeared" for some time, Mohammed, a young believer, is expressing a desire for more fellowship. Please pray he will become regular in it, grow strong, and become a discipler of others.

• March 23 - 25, there is a special focus to pray for Saudi Arabia. There are people gathering to specifically pray for Saudi. We ask that you might consider joining into this time of prayer by taking special time to focus your prayers on Saudi during these days.

• Pray that the Lord would provide more opportunities for tentmakers with a good grasp of Arabic to enter this area with few Arabic-speaking tentmakers.

• Please continue to pray for His people on the front line, for strength against discouragement and against deceptions.


'Ali' is a young man. We first met him when a heated debate took place between our faith and his. He expected to have a debate again, but I told him that I was not interested unless we open the books that are at the foundation of our faith. Please pray that he will want to learn about the Bible together with us.