The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

21 February, 2012

A Mighty Work


Praise God for a government ruling to grant amnesty to a large number of runaway housemaids. This situation is repeated all over the Gulf. Pray other countries will follow suit.


With the elections going on in Yemen on February 21, we would like to take you there and have you focus your prayers toward the city of Sana'a during these days.


• Despite strong economic development, unemployment among the nationals is high and creating employment for the growing population is a pressing challenge. Please pray that many jobs will be created for locals and more believers may come to start businesses that would help God's Kingdom to grow in this country.

• "Hamed" recently received books and discipleship materials on a phone chip. He left his phone in the car and now it is gone. Pray for his safety. We hope that it was stolen by a regular thief and not confiscated by someone who could cause problems for him and the people who were in contact with him.

• In a village there were some protests against the government because of discrimination. During some clashes, 2 people were killed. Pray for justice to be given to all minority groups in the country. Pray that these people will search for Jesus, the real peace-giver.

• Please pray that the Lord will reveal glimpses of what He is doing behind the scenes here in the AP, so that we all may be encouraged!

• The elections are taking place in Yemen on took on 21 February. Please pray for God to establish the right government and that there will be peace in the days ahead. Also pray that there would be a greater freedom for the Good News of Jesus to be shared with all the peoples of Yemen.


One of our neighbour's daughters is showing an increasing interest in spiritual things. She is very devout in her own beliefs, however she keeps asking me about our beliefs. I have been able to share several stories from His Word. She accepted the Jesus film and said she is looking forward to viewing it. Recently, I was able to give her a worship CD which is pure scripture and shares some of the key Gospel verses (in English- her English is great). Please pray that He will do a mighty work in her life - as well as her whole family. Her mother (and other siblings) also listen to our conversations with interest but it is this daughter who is the one initiating spiritual discussions.