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21 December, 2011

Special Prayer for Kuwait


Last week had a special time praying for Oman, This week we are again joining with Pray4MuslimPeoples (check them out at They have set aside the week of December 19-25 to ask people to pray for Kuwait. So we are asking you to focus your prayers this week on Kuwait as well.

Use one of these videos on different days as you pray for Kuwait.

Kuwait Country

Kuwait - Government

Kuwaiti Arabs



Praise God, several local believers came together for fellowship. However, most local believers in our country remain scattered or "hidden". Please pray that they will become more united and continue to grow in number, to the point that they will be a strong force affecting the culture for God's glory.


* It's too easy for Muslims who come to Christ to be extracted from their own cultures into more Western relationships and styles of worship. Pray that as Kuwaiti nationals come to Christ, they will continue in their own cultural setting, with a persistent heart to reach their own countrymen.

* Kuwait holds first place among Gulf States with regard to press freedom, Reporters Without Borders said in its 2010 report. Pray that this freedom might be used to further the proclamation of the Gospel in Kuwait, and then onto the rest of the Gulf.

* "I am talking to my Christian friends everyday on Facebook and Skype," smiled the Kuwaiti teenager, one of more than a million internet users in the country. Although the internet is heavily censored by the authorities, many young people get exposure to new ideas and critical thinking as they explore the virtual world. The Arabic Bible is one of the most popular books being downloaded from the internet, showing a real hunger for eternal truth. Please pray for Christians who spend their time in the virtual world sharing the Gospel, and for those who meet them, looking for the Truth.

* "This Injil (New Testament) has changed my life," confessed a young believer from Muslim background after he started to read the Bible with a Christian friend. "The Jesus of the Bible is so different from the one we heard about in my Islamic school." Having a regular Bible study with the isolated believers is a great way of allowing the Word of God to do the life changing transformation that was needed. "I will never underestimate the power of the Word again." Pray for more see Muslim seekers to find Christians with whom to study the Bible, and pray for more workers, willing to learn Arabic in order to share with them.

* Kuwaitis are often shunned by other Arabs, and have been referred to as the "Jews of the Gulf". This disdain may reflect the view that Kuwait owes its very existence to the USA, and the wealth, condescending attitudes and ruthless business practices of some Kuwaiti businessmen. Pray for Kuwaiti who work in other Gulf nations, that they might meet Christians who will treat them with respect, and that their hearts will be open to the Gospel.