The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

20 July, 2011

Promise of Heaven


Praise God for the encounters Arabs are having with people during their summer holidays. We are so encouraged to hear of many people who have heard the Gospel and taken literature. Please pray for God's Word to penetrate their hearts.

Prayershort Video

Around the Arabian Peninsula you can hear stories of people seeking different forms of magic to help them through live's issues. One of the cities where this happens is in Bahla, Oman. As believers we know there is a spiritual battle. Please enter into the spiritual battle to see Jesus known in Oman and all of the Arabian Peninsula. To pray for and view this video click, Magic in Bahla.


"Naim", from a Muslim background, has professed faith in Christ for his salvation. However, he is distracted by much New Age-styled self-empowerment in his thinking. Pray that he will grow strong in God's word, and be doctrinally sound.

Please pray for the development & spread of deep-level ministry to Muslims. There is so much more to discipleship than being taught how to study the Bible properly. Pray that God will give instruction, wisdom & perseverance to the Body in order to help believing locals with deep wounds, serious addictions, spiritual strongholds, evil spirits and the like.

"Denny" is gifted in his command of Arabic, and has had a valuable ministry discipling local believers for some years. However, his employer continues to increase expectations on his secular job. Pray that Denny will find employment which provides for his family, but allows time for his ministry.

Pray for those who are suffering from lack of water, electricity and cooking gas in Yemen. Because the opposing factions have not been able to solve their differences, the people are struggling. Ask that the groups will come together and agree on a way to move forward for peace in the land.

"Ali" has mentioned at a number of occasions that he has left the majority faith. He was very involved in a discussion that we had recently on the topic: 'How do you know you that you follow the right path of faith?' He said that all world religions have prayer and good deeds. He was not convinced by our words and it seems that the seeds did not fall on softened ground. Pray that God will reach out to him!


"Shaima", a local and her family, have known for some time about her cousin, who came back from a trip to the USA is a "Christian". Then, one of Shaima's friends asked if she was sure that she, herself, would go to heaven (or to "jinna" according to the parallel concept). Shaima answered, "Sure, because I'm good." However, later Shaima started to have doubts, realizing that she really didn't know for sure.

That's when she decided to talk to her believing Western friend, "Marsha". "Marsha" explained that it was no good to assume that our good deeds might cancel out our bad deeds before God. Even before a worldly judge, justice doesn't work that way. A law that is broken requires payment, no matter what good things the person has done otherwise. "Marsha" further spoke of the Cross, and explained how Jesus has paid for all those sins, and provided a way for "Shaima" to know God's certain forgiveness and promise of heaven. "Marsha" plans to give "Shaima" a DVD about Mary Magdalene in Arabic. Please pray that this is the time for "Shaima' to come to know her Savior.