The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

20 April, 2011

Glorify God


Our visit to the prison was good. We handed out clothes this time and many were pleased. Two guys almost danced and kept saying, 'I have a new set of clothes'. Praise God for practical ways to show his love, and the opportunities it opens to share something of greater value, the Good News.

With this being Easter week, we can be moving forward His Kingdom and we can be praying to that end. He is at work. We know that some European and Arab TV stations will be playing special Easter movies.

May the cross and resurrection be proclaimed.

May the truths of Christ be seen, heard, felt.

May many enter into His great Kingdom.


At the corniche I met a lady "Noor" from the strict part of the country (we don't know of any workers living there). In spite of my expectations that she would object to Biblical stories that I shared, she just listened without comments. I told her that we will soon celebrate Easter and what it means, and again, she didn't say anything to object, but neither to agree. Pray for "Noor" that she will speak to her family and friends about what she heard from me and that they will all start thinking about it.

Pray for a group of seeking ladies in one local family who have heard the Gospel through one Christian worker, and now have another Christian family in their lives. Clearly God is at work, and they are so eager to learn all about the Bible!

Pray that during this Easter season, many who celebrate Easter will be able to share the meaning of this holiday with their friends and neighbors.

At last there is a glimmer of hope for so many locals who live day to day, hand to mouth. A local, from the majority faith, described the crowds as sheep without a shepherd, in danger of a great sacrifice. May it be the Greatest Sacrifice that they come to find their hope in, regardless of the political outcomes.

There is a young lady who has returned to her village, as her family feels it is unsafe for her to live in the capital city right now. She has no contact with those who believe as she does. Ask that she will read the Word and that she will experience fellowship with the Father, as she reads and prays. Ask that members of her family will believe.


Recently I was encouraged by the openness of my local friend but also very burdened for her situation. She is 5 months pregnant with a very difficult pregnancy and has had several still-born births in the past. Her only child is nearly a teenager and she has been waiting this long to become pregnant again. I asked if I could lay hands on her and pray for her unborn baby, as well as her health. She was happy to allow this and thanked me at the end. Please pray that God will bring forth a healthy child and that this lady and her whole family will Glorify God as a result.