The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

1 September, 2010

An invitation.


Praise God for believers from the majority faith in our area who are secretly meeting with each other, and with foreign Christian friends. Many are fearful yet wanting to walk in the Truth. Our desire is to see a church planted in the whole Arabian Peninsula, please view a short video called A Church in the Desert, and pray with us.


Pray we get into contact with the 'Cornelius-like' people; touched by God, willing to obey and waiting for more revelation of the truth. There are devout and God fearing people, giving generously to those in need and praying regularly (Acts 10:2) especially in Ramadan. Pray that these will realize that only in Christ there is redemption.

Please pray for a book that is coming out which is full of stories of God at work in the Arabian Peninsula. Hopefully it will be a great encouragement to those who are praying for this part of the world, and to Muslim seekers and secret believers as well. Pray that its estimated September release will not be hindered.

Pray for workers in our country as another wave of expulsions begins. Pray that God will provide people to "pick up" where they have left off, that the Kingdom work may continue.

"Mohammed" became a believer in Jesus a few years ago, and has been in and out in his fellowship. Recently, he came to a gathering of followers of Christ from an Islamic background, and persisted in questions related to the Biblical passage studied there. "Does that mean I have to give up my family and friends?" Praise the Lord for bringing Mohammed to this point. Pray that God will give him faith that He is with him to carry him in all circumstances and growth into maturity.

Prayer is asked for Abdul. Pray that God will visit him and reveal to him the truth regarding Jesus Christ.


Yesterday I got into the elevator with my neighbour and before we arrived on our floor, I had an invitation to break the Ramadan fast with him. During the consumption of several plates of wonderful food, Abu N talks and talks. He makes clear that he enjoys our time. Although I would love to share the gospel I have no opportunity. I truly enjoyed the hospitality and trust that God will use my contact with him to draw him to Himself.

Pray for Abu N, that he will ask the meaning of the gospel.