The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

19 October, 2011

Understand Each Other


In the last months, a group started to pray specifically for our weekly gathering with locals in our country. We meet over a meal with people God has brought into our lives. Praise God, he is answering prayers. We are so grateful that He steers the hearts of those attending. About 8 locals are reading the Bible for themselves!

Prayershort Video

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is starting to feel the influx of travelers for the Hajj. The vast majority of travelers to the Hajj in Mecca fly through Jeddah. A few years ago, a rain storm caused many issues in Jeddah the days before the Hajj. Please take some time to pray for the city of Jeddah as you watch this video.


From childhood, we have all loved a good story. The Bible has some of the best. Please lift up those who are telling stories from that Book, all over the AP. Ask that the listeners' lives will be changed as they hear the words.

Please pray for "Abdullah". He was hit in the arm when a nearby fight about money resulted in a shot being fired into the air. The bullet went through both bones in the forearm and he has been in the hospital for a number of days. He can move and feel the fingers, but his overall health is not as good as it could be, neither is the local medical care. "Abdullah" has been a believer for a number of years, and this has been one of a series of difficulties for him. "Dear brothers and sisters, consider it nothing but joy when you fall into all sorts of trials." James 1:2. Pray he would continue to walk with Jesus, despite these trials.

We have previously prayed for "Abu Nasser", a pastor from a Muslim background, who is currently in prison. Around the end of the month, the final appeal of his case comes up. Pray that the case would be set right, that he will be freed and returned to his family and fellowship.

Please lift up the country of Yemen as the opposing forces have conflict. Ask God to comfort the families of those who have died this week. Ask that peace will come.

We have asked before for prayer for two local believers who were in contact with each other to find out if they could marry. This has not worked out. She is sad about it, so pray for "Abeer", that she can find comfort in the Lord and that He will provide the right husband, if that is His will. This is a big issue for many local believers, to find a believing spouse in a country where everything is segregated and marriages are arranged by family or at least agreed upon by them. Pray that God will arrange those marriages.


"Johanan" is a local who came to faith 3 years ago. He is spiritually raised through the media and by visits to an orthodox church in nearby countries. He has the desire to be baptized but the church he visits is not able to help him due to security and their relations with local government. "Johanan" is disappointed. He will try one time more to ask their help. Pray for "Johanan" and the church to understand each other and that respect remains on both sides. Pray that both parties will grow in faith through their interactions on this subject.