The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

19 January, 2011

Hear and Understand


I was very encouraged when visiting an Arab friend recently. As I entered her tiny run-down apartment, "Miriam" exuded joy and excitement in having me visit again. The joy seemed deeper than that, however. During the course of the conversation, the topic of the "Injeel" came up and she told me she reads it "all the time" especially the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. It seems clear she has believed in Him.

We would ask that you would take some time and use the following prayer video to focus some prayers on the Country of Qatar. We would ask that you would take some time and use the following prayer video to focus some prayers on the Country of Qatar. Country of Qatar


Pray for godly life partners for single BMBs. Often there is significant family pressure to marry, but a very limited group of like-minded potential spouses. Sadly, cultural issues restrict the group even further - it is 'impossible' for a Sunni-background person to marry someone from a Shi'a-background, even when both are believers.

A believing professor had previously talked to "Mohammed" about the gospel. But Mohammed seemed so agreeable, that the professor asked for some confirmation of what he really believes. Mohammed said that he has been thinking a lot since they talked, and was wondering about an on-line Bible, to read more about these things. Pray he will read and believe.

There are moments that we as workers are aware that it is a sacrifice living here, missing the ease of home, family, friends and church. When we came together to pray recently, we cried out to God to give us fruit for our labours this year, so that our sacrifices will yield benefit for His Kingdom. Pray with us that God will utilize all of us in the Gulf to facilitate growth of His church this year.

Give thanks for new short term people who have arrived in our area. Pray for them: getting settled, connections with local community, and divine appointments.

A key local MBM and well-respected leader in the community has withstood many a storm in his walk with the Lord. Now he is under temptation to take a second wife, a tradition that is accepted in his culture but does not follow New Testament teaching. Understandably, he feels lonely because he is well educated and a thinker and cannot share his heart with his uneducated wife. Pray that he will be a wonderful husband to his wife, treating her as a man who loves his wife as "Christ loves the Church". Pray against loneliness, and temptation that he is facing in relationships with other women.


'Abdullah' brought 'Dan' (we prayed for them in July) to a gathering of Muslims listening to a teacher in a mosque. After the meeting, about a dozen men gathered around, as Dan and various individuals discussed Biblical faith in Christ and Islam. It did not seem to be particularly fruitful, but Dan and Abdullah plan to get together for further talks and continue a warm relationship. Pray that 'Abdullah' will open his heart to hear and understand the Truth shared with him.