The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

18 February, 2010

Walk Closer


Thank you for praying for new workers - we give praise that a number of people have come here for a 1-2 year commitment. Please continue praying, especially for people who want to give a longer term commitment.


Some Arabic Christian programming is now being included in the "standard package" of some satellite broadcast sellers. Please pray for Arabian Peninsula Muslims to find and watch these programs, and that God would open their eyes and ears to believe His Truth.

When our friend went to the local shop, he got into a conversation with the shop keeper, who subsequently asked for a Bible! He was able to take one to him later in the week. Pray for the shopkeeper, that he would read the Word and that the Word would do its work in him. We are guessing that this is his first contact with the Word.

Please pray against the spirit of fear among those that work here and healing of broken relationships due to recent events.

Let us remember that we are in a spiritual battle for this land and the people. While there are physical battles here, there is also the prince of darkness and his followers working to wreck havoc in this country. Pray that the believers here will remain strong in the Word and remember that the victory belongs to the King. Lift up all the believers this week, bringing them before the throne of grace. Pray that they remain surrounded in the armor of God.

"A.H." was once disowned by his wife and family, when he turned from Islam to the Lord Jesus. Now his sons are meeting with him and a discipler to study the Bible together. Pray that the sons will also believe, and that a church might develop from within their family.


"Fred’s” New Year’s resolution is to: “to know and walk closer to GOD and to live happily ever after with my wife, "Beth", and my kids.”

"Beth" believes that God wants to use their marriage to redeem "Fred". This past month, "Beth" was spending time in prayer and fasting and asked "Fred" to join her. Each night they would gather together and pray in their room. Please pray for this family as "Beth" continues to show the light of Christ to her husband.

Pray also for "Fred", that his resolution to know and walk closer to God will lead Him to experience the true closeness to God found only through Christ.