The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

18 August, 2010

A Step Further


Over 75 videos have been created, in the last two years, to encourage prayer for the AP. They are now all available online at:


Workers are again being thrown out of our country. Please pray for those who are packing and trying to say goodbye to as many friends as possible before they have to leave. Pray for those who are 'waiting' for that call from authorities, and for the local believers who are losing friends and mentors. Pray they stay strong in the face of opposition. Finally, please pray for a breakthrough for the Gospel in this country.

"Abu Adnan" asked his tent-making friend, "Do Christians believe that Jesus was a man? Do Christians teach their kids from the Bible?" Pray that this interaction will bring Abu Adnan to see the changed life that can be his in a relationship with Jesus.

Pray that God would network believers to each other, especially remembering those who have secretly believed in Him and who would benefit from finally getting fellowship and friendship, as well as teaching, from other believers.

Ask that new friends will be made. Broad gospel sowing is key to reaching this country and its people. Ask that the Father would bring into the lives of the workers Arab men and women who are responsive to the Gospel. Pray for courage among workers, that they might be bold and unafraid to speak the Story of the Son on every visit.

Pray for two groups of seekers and the worker with whom they are in contact. Pray for God to confirm His Truth to their hearts, save them, & transform them into witnesses of Christ among their own people.


B sips from his coffee, while observing with me the crowd in the mall. He talks about his family (from a Bedouin origin, there are Bedouin in most of the AP countries, one example of them can be seen in this video: Kuwaiti Bedouin) who would encourage more freedom for women and his version of Islam interpretation that places big questions at some of the local "Islamic" traditions. I am excited to hear from B and others who reflect a group in the population that are critically observing their way of life and thinking about what God really wants.

Pray that God will lead people like B a step further and let them think outside of Islam into the life of Christ.