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18 January, 2012

Special Prayer for Saudi Arabia Day 1

Dear Friends of Saudi Arabia,

Would you join us in a special month of prayer for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Several major organizations have sensed God's direction to emphasize prayer for the Saudi people. So we want to start 2012 off with a focused time of prayer. PTAP has decided to join the Saudi Advocacy Network in sharing this opportunity. You will receive 3 emails over 3 days to tell you about how you might be more involved in prayer and the resources available.

Some Saudi believers have opened a website - Saudi House of Peace- . Listen to their beautiful testimonies and pray for them. (Some of the website is in Arabic but there is plenty in English).

Friends of ours at Pioneers have started a prayer campaign called - TC12 - Ten Countries in 12 months. And the first country they are praying for is Saudi Arabia. Check it out at TC12. Also their article - Seven Questions on Saudi Arabia

Also their article - Seven Questions on Saudi Arabia-

Hundreds of people around the world will receive this email. Will you join with us?

Director - Saudi Advocacy Network