The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

18 February 2018


Prayer Request

God is doing amazing things in the lives of AP Arab families! Here is one answer to many of our prayers for the AP. This is the testimony of one local woman: I started to think about why are there so many wars in the Muslim world today.

I started to think about religion much more than before. Then, Jesus came to me in a dream and spoke to me about eternity. I asked many questions to Jesus and he answered them very clearly. I woke up in the morning full of peace. I then spoke with my husband and he was shocked. However, he understood due to the clear details of the conversation between Jesus and me. In the end, he was satisfied and we both started to search the internet for more answers. We also watched Christian TV programs.

During this time, we knew we had to be baptized. And we thought that a safe place to be baptized would be in a western country. We thought we could go to a western country and knock on the door of any church and the pastor would baptize us. We eventually went to a western country.

We actually have several children in the same university in this country. We found out that it wasn't a good time to visit our kids because it was exam time. The kids were not happy at all with this visit! They thought something bad happened in the family. They thought that maybe our parents are sick. Maybe our mother has cancer and they came for a check-up in the hospital. But I talked specifically with one of my sons and said that I need to tell you something important. I shared my story about my dream of Jesus. Suddenly, he started to jump up and down shouting "Hallelujah"! I was shocked and surprised. He told me that last year, all of us (all the children) came to the Lord through the Christian groups here at the university. We (the children) then started to attend church and the church has been praying for you and dad since last year.

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