The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

17 August, 2011

Wise and Gentle


Praise the Lord for the opportunity to have been introduced to a local lady, "Miriam", who has a large family who really want to meet me. "Miriam" has had believing friends before, and was eager to tell me that she still reads the Injeel and has watched the Jesus DVD. I know that God is pursuing her and it is exciting to be part of His work.

Prayershort Video

Bluetooth technology in the Arabian Peninsula is used all the time to connect your mobile phone to someone else's mobile phone. If you sit in the mall, you might be able to connect to 20 plus people sitting around you, women covered in all black, men dressed in white, you just really do not know who you might connect with. The younger generation is using this technology to "date." Please view this video and pray through this topic,Bluetooth Dating. Much of the video footage is from Saudi Arabia, but also a few other countries in the AP.


During Ramadan, pray for those who fast during the day from sun up to sun down, about 15 hours in the Gulf. Pray for the pregnant mothers and the ill who are determined to fast although it is not required. Pray for those who are earnestly seeking, to have a dream revealing the love, sacrifice and forgiveness through Jesus.

Pray for God to bring seekers across the Gospel message, Christian teaching, & local testimonies through satellite programs & stations, online connections, and the BlueTooth films that are circulating. Ask the Lord to confirm His truth to many hearts & bring them to a saving & growing faith in Christ.

'Abu Hamza', a local believer, has shared with his mentor, 'Dan', his belief that Muslims who come to Christ must first have their faith in Islam shaken. Dan is considering what undermining approaches might be coupled with a loving presentation of the gospel to be most effective. Pray for God's guidance.

A worker asks, "Pray against the spirit of bloodshed and revenge". In honor and shame societies, one must revenge those who have dishonored their family. Pray that the tribes who have suffered injury and even death in the conflicts, will seek peaceful ways, not revengeful ways to work through the wrong done to them.

"What is the difference between you and other Christian groups? You all have a different Bible and believe different truths?" "Waleed" brought up a common subject. He is representative of many who are taught the above claims since school, so why would he doubt this claim? He read the Bible and can recall many passages in it, but considers it a false book that has been proven by scholars to be corrupted. Pray for "Waleed" and the conviction that he represents. Pray that God will lift up the Truth of His Word among Arabs.


A young man went to another country for treatment of an illness. While he was there he heard the Good News. He struggled with the message for many months and finally decided to accept it. Several other men taught him more about the Book and he grew in understanding of it, boldly proclaiming what he had learned with others. A few weeks ago he returned home. He needs to tell his wife about this decision. He needs to share with his family and friends. Please ask that this young man will be "wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove", knowing when and what to share with his family. Pray that his life will be a testimony of the change in his heart, even before he says anything to his family.