The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

16 April, 2010

The Lord will reveal himself.


When I invited a colleague, "Elizabeth", to our Easter event, she asked, "What is Easter again?" I was able to explain the entire story of Jesus’ death and resurrection before any students came in the office! Praise the Lord for such opportunities!


There was a shooting incident between a father and son in A. last week, because of ill will between the two. Thank God that no one was hurt. Pray that the father and son will be reconciled and have peace between them.

Continue to ask that the people in the far north, who have gone through the hardships or war and unrest, will have their needs met. It is very difficult to get supplies to them through the relief organizations. Ask that this will change and that they will get what they need.

What we need here are leaders who can unite the missionaries, uphold a vision and help workers to serve as one body towards a God given vision. Pray that God will give a vision, equip workers to become leaders and find ways that encourage a "one body" mentality. Pray that an Ezra type person, seasoned in Scripture and leadership, will come to this country.

"Abu Adnan" asked a tent-making friend, "Was Jesus a normal human like everyone else?" "Abu Adnan" continues to seek out the tent-maker, and conversation continues. Pray that God's Spirit will impress upon him the truth of the gospel, and that he'll be saved.

Pray for the (expatriate) youth from many nationalities who are truly following Christ. Pray they would be encouraged and upheld in their faith during their teenage years. Pray for their many interactions with others, particularly in school and for a solid and true witness amongst them. They are from Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, India etc etc. but they are living here in the Gulf.


At the wedding of a dear friend's daughter, I struck up a conversation with one of the Arab Muslim guests. She was very eager to talk and within 15 minutes, the conversation turned to spiritual things. We exchanged phone numbers and have been having a telephone relationship ever since (we live in different cities).

Our conversations are almost exclusively spiritual ones, and can last an hour. She suggested mailing me materials on Islam so we could discuss them. I readily agreed and asked if I could send her a Bible and some other material as well. She agreed, and we are now waiting for one another's packets to arrive. I told her I am praying that the Lord will reveal Himself to her and her mother (they live alone in their apartment). Please pray with me for these dear women!