The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

15 March 2017



• Rustaq is an important regional center in Oman that is located in the South Al Batinah region of the country. It has a population of 120,000. It became one of Oman's capitals when Imam Nasser bin Murshid Al Ya'rubi started his efforts to unify the country by repelling the Portuguese in the 17th century. The city later developed into a major center for local commerce, craftsmanship and other trades. It was home to some of the country's finest metalworkers and silversmiths. Today, Rustaq still produces metalwork along with textiles and food, notably Omani Halwa (a famous Omani sweet) and honey. Bee-keeping remains a popular, local occupation to this day.

• Rustaq is beautifully surrounded by the central Al Hajir mountain range and an abundance of date palm groves and wadis (valleys). Some of Oman's most beautiful wadis such as Wadi Sahtan are here. Rustaq also has natural, hot springs, the most notable being Ain al Kasafa. Its waters runs at 45 °C and are regarded as a cure for rheumatism and skin diseases.


1. Rustaq is one of the least engaged cities in Oman. Please pray that the Lord would send laborers into the harvest fields of Rustaq, to proclaim Jesus Christ and Him crucified with all of God's power (1 Corinthians 2:2-4). And pray for the few Indian and Filipino believers who already live there. Pray that they would be powerful witnesses as well.

2. Rustaq is known for its natural beauty. Pray that the Omani people in Rustaq would see the beauty of our Lord, that they would gaze upon His beauty in the radiant face of Jesus Christ, and to seek Him all of the days of their lives (Psalm 27:4, 2 Corinthians 4:6).

3. Rustaq is also known for their hot springs. Pray that the Omanis would drink of the living water that only Jesus can provide. Pray that they would be led to eternal life and thus never thirst again (John 4:14). Pray that they would find complete satisfaction in Christ alone, and that the springs of water that well up in them would spill over to other Omanis who are also thirsty for new life.