The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

15 June, 2011

Search for Jesus


Praise the Lord for a local woman who is reading the book of John and asking questions of a worker here. Pray for this seeking heart, and that the Word will be made clear to her.

Hajj 2011

The Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia) is not until November, but PTAP has tried to get this prayer information out early so that people might translate it into different languages. There is an introduction to the Hajj, plus four days of prayer and a Hajj 2011 video. (These files are on the PTAP web site, Hajj) During the Hajj PTAP will use this information for prayer, but for now we ask that you might pray that this information will be translated into different languages.


Pray that there will be peace in the Arabian Peninsula. Pray that the people of this region will have the chance to hear about the Prince of Peace who wants to forgive their sins and heal their land.

A majority faith lady who recently gave her life to the Lord had a very special encounter with the Him at our weekly meeting. She was totally overwhelmed with God's love and His peace. This is exactly what people need - not words and concepts, but encounters with God's love. Pray for many others to have powerful encounters with the God of love and peace.

Continue to lift up the people of Yemen. Some are grieving and others are very happy that their president has been wounded. This tension has caused rifts in friendships. It has driven people apart. Pray that they will be able to come together as a nation and have unity. Pray that they will be able to rebuild their country, saying no to conflict and bloodshed. Pray for healing of people's hearts from all that they have endured. Pray that Believers will know how to minister to them in Jesus' name.

Please pray for our local friend who has kidney problems. "Fatima" needs to get a transplant, but she is still waiting. We would love to see Jesus heal her and through this supernatural encounter, see the power of the Christ Who loves her.

The state of emergency has been lifted in Bahrain. Pray for peace in this country. Pray that those who differ with one another will be able to work through their differences through dialogue. Pray that they will hear about One who brings peace and forgiveness. Jesus instructed his followers to pray for their enemies and forgive those who hurt them.


I was with my son among some Pakistani youth listening to the rules of Cricket. A father came to me and from his outward appearance I could see that he was a Muslim scholar. My appearance and use of Arabic language made him think I was a Muslim and he started to tell his story of a Christian who was converted to Islam due to his influence.

As is the case with many locals here, this man is under the impression that the whole world is starting to convert to Islam. This is what is proclaimed, and most have firsthand stories of foreign colleagues who have converted to Islam. For many, this is a reason to ignore the Christian claim of Truth completely.

Pray that it will become widely known that Muslims are coming to faith in Christ and that this news makes people search for Jesus.