The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

15 December, 2010

He Really Hears


Thank God that there is still peace in the far north of our country. Pray that people will be able to rebuild their war torn lives, beginning to return home and that they will hear that God loves them. Clothes that were given to the victims of war last January helped them stay warm through the cold months. Thank God for those who gave.


"Dan" has left a New Testament in Arabic with 'Abdullah'. Pray that in reading it, Abdullah will be quickened to believe in Jesus.

Among those who study at university levels, there is a great excitement. Huge funds have been allocated for studying abroad and many who apply for scholarships are being approved. The student will go (with one companion if the student is a lady) and stay 2-5 years in a foreign country. The US, Canada, New Zealand and China are among those who receive the highest number of students. Pray that the churches will focus reaching out to these students. Pray that those who hope to utilize these students to spread Islam will discover that the students are met by Christ.

Pray for the women of our country, that they will hear the news that God loves them and wants to change their lives. Pray that the women who want to please God will know that Jesus has forgiven them and wants them to accept His gift of forgiveness.

Sara, a local Muslim, has corresponded with those in Christian media. Now 'Mary', a worker in our country, is following up by email, answering Sara's meaningful questions about Jesus and the Bible. Pray for Sara's salvation, and for her getting in contact, face to face, with others who love Jesus.

Please remember "Sheikha" who is living in a difficult and isolated situation - her husband does not like her to leave the house or meet with foreigners. She has shown great interest in the things of God before, but needs regular fellowship with believers. I was encouraged that she called me the other day and asked me to visit. Please pray for wisdom regarding when/how to visit, that she can have regular fellowship and that He will touch her and draw her close to Himself.


I was sitting on the couch at my colleague, "Amy's," house. I asked her what she had been doing that afternoon. She mentioned that she had just finished praying. She explained how she did the formal Islamic prayers "just in case God" counted them more. She confessed that she loves talking to God directly. She exclaimed, "He really hears. Even when it is a small thing, somehow I feel like He shows me the way." Surprisingly, this is the first time that I have ever met an Arab friend who has talked about a direct relationship with God. Most of them talk about fearing or obeying God, but rarely about loving God or hearing from Him. It is very encouraging to see God at work in "Amy." Please pray that God would speak to her and reveal His Son, Jesus.