The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

14 July, 2010



Praise God for the healing of "Ahmed" who was diagnosed with croup. This opened the door for us to go to "Mohammed and Fatima's" home to pray for him.


Let us lift up all the nationals who have heard the Story of the Son, but have not received it. Many have heard, the seeds have been spread, but the seeds have not taken root. Pray that further contact would be made with these nationals, and that the words of the Father would pierce their hearts and take root.

Car accidents are so common in this part of the world. Pray for those who are facing long roads of recovery, or a life without a limb, or paralysis. Pray too for families who need to help & encourage those going through this.

A very poor woman has been given a sewing machine and several bags of material to help her develop a business to support her family. Ask that she will see these provisions as gifts from God. Ask that her business will thrive and that her family needs will be met. Ask that her Faith will grow in the process.

Devastating fires seem to be common recently. Pray for those who have lost loved ones in fires, and for those recovering. Pray that believing staff at hospitals may have opportunities to share the Good News with these people.

During the summer holidays, many young men become restless, looking for something to fill their time. They are "ripe" for recruitment from groups who want to create havoc in the land. Ask that the young men will not be drawn into these groups. Ask that they will hear about Someone who loves them and has a plan for their lives, a plan which will bring peace and salvation.


A fan in the corner, the television on a football channel (not the World Cup though, that is too expensive) and 'Abu R' and myself in a corner surrounded by another 15 men. 'Abu R' explains that he wants to read the Bible himself and not just depend on his teachers who tell him that the Bible is corrupted. The rest of the group are doing their own things but it is clear that they are cautiously following our discussion. We exchange telephone numbers so that I can arrange a Bible for him, and then I leave. 'Abu R' will have probably had to defend his opinions before the group who would discourage the slightest interest for any other religion. Pray for 'Abu R', that he will research the Bible himself and that God will speak to him through it.