The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

December 14, 2009

Open and seeking.


Thank the Lord for all the women who attend school and are getting an education. Ask that more women will be able to do this. Ask that they will realize that they are important in God’s eyes. Ask that women in the villages, many who are illiterate, will have the chance to learn to read.


Pray for the various churches and fellowships - for God to strengthen Christians so that the life of Christ would overflow into the lives of the people around them. Pray for unity in fellowships and between the churches, for spiritual awakening, strength and vision for leaders, and a powerful move of God in the lives of Christians.

"If you walk alone or go to places alone: you are considered crazy". This is what 18 year old Sa told me. "If you have no friends, then something is wrong with you", he went on to say. But my observation tells me there are quite a number without friends. These young man and woman will have the feeling that they do not belong and are lonely. Pray for the Arabs who are different, who do not belong and struggle with their self image. Pray they will seek and meet Christ.

Pray for the efforts throughout the Gulf to mobilise Christian expatriates to reach out to their local neighbours and friends. Ask God to raise up an army that will lead thousands of nationals to the foot of the cross.

Pray for the young men and women who believe the Truth and want spouses who are like minded. Ask that their families will meet each other and arrange marriages among these young people, as is the custom.

Tentmakers in our country have especially heavy loads in their secular jobs the rest of this year. At the same time, they are contemplating exciting new strategies to reach local Muslims. Pray that their secular work will be stream-lined, and that they will have the freedom and energy remaining to pursue Spirit-led outreach.


Many of us have been asking the Lord to use the kidnapping of the 9 volunteers in the North for the good. This week, the Lord allowed us to see a glimpse that our prayers are being answered. When an expat believer was sitting in one of the parks in the capital, she came upon some people from the conflict area in the North. These locals said they had fled the region because of the renewed violence and were now trying to build up a new life here. They were full of questions about her faith and the expat believer was overwhelmed with such openness and seeking after the truth.