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14 September, 2011

Loved Individually


Praise God for what He is doing. In the last 2 months there were 3 or 4 people who first corresponded and now want to meet someone face to face. One local believer was even baptized by another local believer. The amount of people who show interest is amazing compared to the last years where hardly anything seemed to happen (although much happens in secret).

Hajj 2011

Mecca, Saudi Arabia becomes a very special journey (pilgrimage) for many Muslims from all over the world. This is especially true this year from November 4 - 7th. We would encourage you to challenge your church and/or small group to use the information below to pray during the Hajj. Hajj 2011 Prayer Guide

Hajj 2011


Abdullah', whom we prayed for earlier this month, has, after testifying he was a believer, had the neighbors consider him a heathen, refusing common neighborly courtesies. His extended family does not understand completely, but continues to talk it through. One family member is even helping him practically this week, getting him a better electricity supply for his house. The month given to 'repent' seems to be only a guideline, like a provision for any future action. Now they can say something like, "We warned you." But the unexpected change in behavior has left a chance for communication. Pray his family will see the changes in his life and start to ask questions about his beliefs, opening their hearts to the Truth.

The nature of "tent-making" is busy, by its very definition of involving multiple roles. Perhaps the devil's lead tactic among them is to distract from what is important. As the academic year begins, pray that God will give workers determination, energy, and efficiency to prioritize their calling to spread the gospel and establish churches.

oyce Meyer has many followers in the Arab world. Here is one response from a believer in the AP. "May the Lord bless you, Joyce Meyer, for you are a lighthouse that spreads the Christian faith. O beloved one, you who are admired by millions, regardless of their religion. You are a rare treasure, and truly I learned so much from you. Forward the name of Jesus, Joyce Meyer!" Pray for those who watch Christian ministries, particularly on satellite TV, that God will open their hearts and encourage them in their faith.

As more and more opposition groups say that they will use violence to solve their problems, ask that this will not happen. Ask that they will work out their differences through dialogue, elections and other peaceful means. Pray that they will hear the Good News, that through Jesus, God has offered them peace in their lives.


Genesis 29:31b

"... and he (Jacob) loved Rachel more than Leah."

Jacob had multiple wives. He loved one more than the others. How did that make Leah, Zilpah and Bilhah feel? The women of Islam can relate to these stories for some of them face this on a daily basis. A middle-aged woman, the "life" of the neighborhood, was stunned when her husband decided to take a second wife. The teenage girl he married became the favorite. Though the first wife performed the duties of the household, even serving the young girl when the first child was born, she fell into deep depression, seldom visiting her neighbors again. Pray for the multiple wives of Muslim men, that they will come to realize that God loves them, individually, that the Son gave His life for each one of them.