The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

14 May 2018


Prayer Requests

This year, Ramadan begins on approximately May 15 (depending on the moon). During the 30 days of Ramadan, Muslims will be fasting and praying. During the month of Ramadan, PTAP will be sending weekly prayers highlighting specific groups and/or events.

The 2 million Shia of Saudi Arabia represent one of the most unreached peoples of the world. As a small minority group within a conservative Sunni community, the Shi'a in Saudi Arabia have endured hundreds of years of hardship and discrimination. Let us pray on behalf of the Shia people, that they would seek and find true freedom and peace in Christ. Let us also pray that the Lord would prepare workers to engage them.

More information on the Shi'a of Saudi Arabia can be found HERE and in video below


• That the Gospel would take hold of their communities, and that the Spirit of God would move mightily among their families and tribes

• For a spirit of childlike humility and repentance to displace pride and hardness of heart

• That the Shi'a of Saudi Arabia would seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, even above their own welfare and political freedoms

• For a spirit of righteousness and justice to flood through their homes, communities, and the Saudi government

• For peace to reign in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. That they would know Christ as the Prince of Peace

• That the Lord would raise up many workers to sow and to harvest the Gospel among the Shi'a of Saudi Arabia

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