The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

14 FEBRUARY 2021


God created us to live in community with one another. In His great design of humanity, God knew we would need each other. God grows His church as believers gather together in His name to worship Him and demonstrate His love to one another. Challenges including isolation, mistrust, Covid-19, and a high risk of persecution can inhibit BMBs of the AP from gathering together. Yet, in the face of such challenges, many BMBs are gathering and finding ways to connect as the body of Christ.

• Pray for BMBs of the AP to connect together regularly, both in person and virtually, to worship the Lord, grow in wisdom and knowledge of His Word, and to encourage one another.

• Pray for unity among the groups of BMBs who are gathering together across the Arabian Peninsula.

• Pray for isolated BMBs who believe they are the only ones in their country who follows Christ. Ask God to connect them with another BMB or another Jesus follower who can walk with them on their journey with Christ.

• Pray for whole tribes and families to receive Christ as Lord and Saviour. When families and friends accept Christ as their Saviour together, then a community of Christ followers is formed.

• Many new BMBs vigorously search media sources via television, internet and social media platforms to learn about their new faith in Christ. While media can be a useful tool as one grows in Christ, it can also cause confusion rather than clarity due to differing denominational doctrines and conflicting interpretations of God’s Word. Pray for new believers to connect with biblically grounded media sources and godly individuals online that will further strengthen them with God’s truth. Pray for BMBs to filter all they hear, watch, and read through the truth found in the Bible.

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PTAP is now on the PrayerMate app which you can download for free on iOS or Android. Check it out under the "World Mission" category. Just another way to help us pray for the AP and many other regions of the world!

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