The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

13 October, 2010

How to Help


During the last 10 years, we have heard more testimonies of locals coming to know the Lord Jesus than probably any time since Islam became the majority religion. A sample of this can be seen at PTAP Testimonies.PTAP Testimonies 

L., the second wife of the imam, told me that she and even her husband respect us very much. We adjust our dress, my husband lowers his eyes when he, by chance, sees a lady (even when covered) and we try to help people. She said that she loves me and trusts me even when I am not a Muslim, since she knows that I wouldn't gossip about her to neighbours.  Thank God for this relationship with her and may we keep on shining Jesus into the lives of people.


Pray for God to guide new workers to the AP as they seek Him for what He would have them do, how to spend their time, who they meet and how God would use their gifts.

Abu S. was baptized last spring, and has shown strength in his growth.  We are encouraged that he eventually talked to his wife about his new faith.  But in the last few months he has not continued to come for Bible study.   Pray that he will get back in touch, and continue to grow in his faith.

Pray for those who have secretly and quietly believed in Christ to come into fellowship with others like them.  We haven't seen the answer to this prayer yet, but we trust in Him that he is answering in ways which we don't know about.

In our home countries we choose friends through the years, after we "selected" those with whom we can talk, laugh and be honest, among other things. In the 'field' you are "stuck" with the people in the team. You choose to be friends even if they are very different in background, personality and vision. Unity is not something that comes naturally. Pray for a unity in Christ.

"Jalal" professed Christ some years ago, but eventually retreated from believers, holding on to some immorality in his life.  This past week, he came to a fellowship of friends.  His words defended his own lifestyle.  Pray that he will be convicted of sin, and the fact that Jesus,in His grace, can give him power to change, a purpose and love.


Have you ever been glad when someone has come to you and asked you for (financial) help?

It happened to me yesterday.  A 70 year old man came to me while I was trying to fix the bike of my daughter. He sat down with me and let me know that he heard about me in the community mosque.  Whatever was shared, encouraged him to come directly to me.  I could only understand 50% of his toothless mumbles; however I understood enough that he needs financial help.  I had been praying previously that I would be led to the needy in the neighbourhood and praise God that we can bring glory to His name by sharing in with those in need.  Today I brought a trunk load of goods.

Pray for the rumours about Christian workers. Pray that the reputation of Christians will attract people to Christ. Pray for the needy, that God will bring them into our lives and that we will recognize those who are genuinely in need and how best to help.